Hello dear reader, thanks for being here with me. I would like to share with you an experience I just had with the concept of Human Design, which tells me that Intuition, or how I make best make decisions, is “Sounding Board Intuition,” which basically means that I process my thoughts by speaking them. It is necessary for me to put my thoughts into words to make them linear so that I can make sense of disorganized jumbles of related ideas.

In my personal life, I have seen this manifested. I often find myself talking about something that is on my mind and find that my companion has not wanted to stay on that train for quite so many stops. When this happens, I now have learned, I am really organizing my own thoughts by speaking them, and in so doing, I hear them so expressed.

One of the tips in this brilliant little application called myHD (https://www.myhumandesign.com) is that I can journal about what it is that I am receiving.

The other day I was playing guitar in our living room, and I had a sudden urge to write a five paragraph essay about a reason that I might expect someone to read what I have written. The only reason is that I am a student and I am writing an essay to explain something that I am supposed to learn, and I am seeking to share these thoughts with other students who share the same interest so that we might learn from each other.

I have faith in the world that there are good people who will find this, and I have faith that some may benefit in their own exploration of ideas expressed here. The divine lives within each of us, and it is from this point of divinity that we all must learn to speak. In Harmony with Love Truth and Justice.

And so it is in this spirit that I am writing this open journal. This is a space where I can express the jumbled thoughts that are in my head. I don’t want to edit very much of what I am writing, because that whole process is a block to the flow of truth. If I have to stop my writing to quibble over grammar or word choices, or whatever, then I am blocking the flow of consciosness right?

And that is the ultimate point of writing in the first place. It’s to share my consciousness with yours. It’s for you to create the same vibration in your chakras as I have in my chakras. It’s not only the mental and the literal. It’s the flow of the words. It’s the heart that is behind the little nuances. Is the pace at which a train of thought might change course. It is these little signs and nuances that persist in unedited writing, and these nuances are important to me for my own learning.

So dear reader, and Sp3ncer, you are the reader who is writing this, please bear with me because it is for my own benefit that I must let the words flow as they might.

That kind of feels like the end of a topic.

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