The Sun as Our Good Guide – Lessons of Unconditional Love

Do you ever feel yourself in a Funk with a negative attitude and a basic feelings of angst or anxiety with no specific cause? It happens to us in the winter and especially in the current times with all that we have been going through. There is a simple practice of appreciation for the Sun that can help us to overcome these feelings and restore our sense of connectedness, faith and divine love. The Sun is always there to teach us if we just pay attention.

The Sun is a good guide

For whoever wants to learn

Hearing what he says

Everyone will overcome

Pd. Sebastião Mota de Melo, O Justiceiro #150

If we follow the Sun’s guidance we can move out of our feelings of negativity and through a process of restoring our connection and sense of divine unconditional love. Here is how it works.

Step One – Check in to Recognize our own negativity

Sometimes we fall into a negative attitude when we are isolated and spend too much time inside on our computer. This happens a lot in the winter, and even more so in the current environment. We are crave attention and connection, but only end up feeling more isolated and inauthentic. These feelings overtake us slowly, and we often do not even recognize what is happening. We just end up in a grey funk. The first step is to recognize when we suffer from negativity, and to do this, we can do a quick check in with ourselves.

You can do this right now with this simple meditation. Find a comfortable position, preferable seated with your spine upright and take a couple of deep breaths. Let all of your feelings buzz around inside your consciousness, and try to let go of any stories attached to them. If you are, for example, feeling the energy around a disagreement you may have had with someone close to you, the “story” might be “I’m stressed and angry because so and so did or did not do something.” Let go of the story about so and so, and just feel the stress and anger. Recognize that the stress and anger is part of you, and the story really does not matter. What matters is that you are in the vibration of stress and anger. Let go of all the explanations and justifications and rationalizations, and just sit with the energy of what IS inside you.

Step Two – Call upon the power of the Sun

Now, imagine that your heart, there in your chest beating, is a Sun the size of a grapefruit. Allow this little sun to ignite in your chest and produce soft glow of golden light inside you. When we do this, we are connecting to the “Chi” energy that flows throughout our bodies, and it is exactly the same energy as the Sun. The Sun’s warm rays teach us the nature of divine unconditional love that is always abundantly available for all of us. Feel it flowing inside your body right now.

Now consider the nature of the Sun’s unconditional love. The Sun shines light on everything equally. To the Sun there is no beautiful and their is no ugly. The Sun illuminates everything the same. It is the nature of the Sun itself to shine, and so it’s benevolence does not depend on our deserving of it. This is very contrary to how we are taught to think about love. We are taught that love is something that we need to get from other people. We are also taught that we should be very discerning in who we give love to. I remember when I first heard of unconditional love I thought it was unrealistic. Why would we love someone who does not love us back? I remember thinking that the notion of turning the other cheek was just coming back for more abuse.

When the wise masters like Buddha or Christ talk about LOVE, it is the unconditional love like the Sun that they are talking about. Turn the other cheek does not mean that you should let yourself be abused. It means that, for true spiritual masters (which I am not by any means), the abuses you suffer in the outside world cannot change your inner loving nature. I read somewhere a quote from a Tibetan monk who had been subjected to brutal treatment by the Chinese in a prison. When asked what he feared most, his reply was that he might lose compassion for his tormentors.

Can you see the profoundness of this answer? It does not mean that the monk was a glutton for punishment, or that the actions of his tormentors were somehow to be tolerated or justified. He feared the terrible abuse he was being subjected to would change his own internal loving nature–that it would damage the Sun of unconditional love or compassion in his heart. So here and now, in our meditation, when we connect to the Sun in our heart, we are recognizing our own divine nature.

Step Three – Let the Light Grow

Now that you have connected to the energy in your heart and related it to the sun, let the light grow. Let it shine so that when you open your eyes it shines out, when you open your mouth, it shines out, when you point your finger it shines out. Gaze about the room with gentle focus, and let this light from within you shine on everything that you gaze upon. Do this without any judgment, and accept everything just as it is. Our understanding of everything around us may be incomplete, but this does not matter. It does not matter because this gaze does not depend on the things that we gaze upon. The way you gaze upon things is a function of your very nature. It is a function of the little Sun inside your heart.

Lessons from the Sun – a wrap up

The Sun is a good guide, and all we have to do is connect to receive it’s lessons. It teaches us faith, brings unconditional love, and restores our connection to nature. It is easy to understand why so many cultures have worshiped the Sun. To learn the lessons from the Sun, we just need to step outside and experience it. Then we save this inside our hearts so we can always access this connection when we need it. This way we can move out of our negativity and into the light of the Sun.

Thanks for reading.


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