Miss Daisy Is Driving

I was in the car with my Mom yesterday. She’s 82 years old, and if you’ve been reading along here, you might remember that she had a heart attack on November 4th that was the subject of my first health related blog post about the Healing Power of Prayer. It’s funny that she’s now driving me around because I had a stroke and I cannot see to drive. So instead of me driving Miss Daisy, which I thought was going to happen when my Mom didn’t look like she’d be driving around again any time soon, instead of that, she’s driving me around. Brain Damage!

I went to get my three MRA tests so the doctors can see the insides of the arteries inside my brain. I showed up at the Diagnostic Center was greated by Shawn. She told me that my insurance authorization has not been received so they could not do the test on me today. “They tried to call you yesterday” she explained.

I was in a bit of a mood.

“They may have tried to call me,” I said “but they actually did text me, and when they actually did text me, it was to confirm the appointment that I’m standing here for. “

Shawn was not moved. “I’m sorry sir, they tried to call you.”

“So this is my fault? I make an appointment with you 9 days ago, and you text me to confirm it, and I show up on time, and you won’t do the test, and I should have known because someone tried to call me yesterday? I have two doctors appointments on Tuesday that are scheduled after these tests, because the Neurologist and the Cardiologist want to see the results of these tests. I stayed home from my trip to Brazil so that I could take these tests. I arranged to have someone pick me up and drive me down here for these tests, and you tried to call me.”

There was nothing she could do. Flummoxed. Here I am, pissed off because I don’t get what I want basically. How many people in the world don’t get what they want? Most of them! and I am not anything special or entitled to any special treatment. But nonetheless, I am upset. I feel the stress hormones release into my blood. How many frustrated patients does Shawn have to deal with every day? How does Shawn feel when she’s checking some sick person in for a scan of their failing organs and then she has to tell them that due to whatever red tape they can’t keep their appointment. She must hate that. Just like people hate it when the Doctor writes them a prescription for essential medicines that they know they cannot afford to pay for. Would you rather have your blood thinner or your blood pressure medicine this month?

I called the same people I scheduled the appointment with when I got home. “They said that they asked you for your prescription, but you did not have it.”

“That’s not true. I have it in my hand.”

“Can you send me a picture of it?”


They send me an email asking me for a copy of my prescription, which has all the notes from my phone call when I first made the appointment written on it. It’s a very persuasive document. It’s the kind of evidence I used to love when I was a lawyer. Nothing like a coffee stain or some hand written notes to increase the Gravitas of a document.

Baptist Health just called me back. They rescheduled my MRA procedures for Monday at 3:00. Presto.

My son Charlie called me this morning to see if he could see me before they go down to Brazil tonight. He and Simone and my Grandson Noah are going back to the farm with my youngest son Wylie, who is going to meet a really sweet young girl he met a few years ago when he first went down there. Here name is Anina. I hope it works out for them, because I don’t have that much time to spare!

Life goes on. I need to stay in gratitude.

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