Personal Integrity and the 7 Chakras — the key to a happy life

We often think integrity is synonymous with honesty. And certainly, we can say a dishonest person does lack integrity because honesty is a component of integrity. But it’s not all of it. There is much more. Integrity also refers to being complete or whole. It means all of the parts are well connected and form a single functioning whole. When we, or any object or system, lack integrity, it means that our parts are not functioning well together, and that we are therefore weak and prone to failure. In our persona, we can examine our personal integrity chakra by chakra, and by examining our conscience, we can see where our integrity is broken and then take steps to repair it.

What does this mean? Consider a person who lies frequently to gain advantage or avoid negative consequences. We would say that such a person lacks integrity because they say things that are not true, and more than this, they are not simply wrong or mistaken, such a person, if pressed, would at least at some level know that they are being dishonest.

Consider this in terms of the Chakra system. The mind is the 6th chakra and the throat is the 5th chakra. A person who lies for personal advantage says one thing, while the mind knows that something else is the truth. There is a break between the mind and the spoken word. There is a break between the mind and the mouth. What we say, we do not believe, and so we are broken at this point in our system.

What about a person who says that they love you when they do not? The heart, or the fourth chakra, is the source of our emotional lives, and it is where we form and care for our relationships. When someone says they love you, when they don’t, they have a break somewhere. But this could be either between the heart and the mind, or it could be again between the mind and the mouth. A person who is confused about their own feelings, who feels guilty because someone has been very generous to them, may feel pressure to say “I love you too” when what they actually feel awkward and flighty. They say “I love you too” to dissipate the uncomfortable energy. Or maybe they say it because they want to manipulate their partner into doing what they want.

In one case, the break is between the heart and the mind, or the heart and the voice, and in other cases, the break is again between the mind and the voice. Whenever we have a disconnect like that, we have lost our integrity and we really cannot be very effective or happy in the world.

There are other important examples. Think of people who talk a lot about their big plans and aspirations, but who never actually accomplish any of them. Their minds think the ideas are good, the heart is all on board and behind the ideas, and the voice articulates it accurately. But they never actually take any action to do anything. They just talk about it. Where is the break in integrity? It is above the third chakra where we bring the top three chakras into material reality.

Further down we get to issues of addiction and hypersexuality. These are disturbances with the second chakra, and theses are connected to the third chakra. Most people who suffer from addiction also suffer from denial. They fool themselves. They will talk all about a healthy lifestyle and good relationships, but they suffer because they act to satisfy the cravings of addiction. To sex, to drugs, to gambling, to thrills, to adrenaline, to anxiety, to spending money, to whatever it is binds us in addiction. In this case, our integrity is broken at the second chakra.

Continuing down you find people who abandon their relationships, their family, their job, their tribe. They may occupy a position of importance for a while. They may charm everyone around them and rise very fast, but at the critical moment, they abandon. They are broken at the root chakra. Everything they do and say is undermined, because as soon as the pressure builds up from creating something great, they flake out and disappear, leaving others to clean up the mess.

A person with integrity flows through all the chakras. The examination of the conscience is the key to achieving this in the first six chakras. A person with material integrity is all one piece in what they think, what they say, what they feel, how they act, how they take care of their bodies and habits, and how they fit in and relate to their community. When all of our chakras are in alignment like this, and our energy flows, then we can have strong relationships, we can create good things in the world, we can enjoy good health, and we can enjoy strong bonds in our family, tribe and nation.

All of the above relates to what I call material integrity, because all of these aspects of ourselves are manifest here in the material world.

But there is still one aspect of integrity that remains, and that is spiritual integrity, and a break here is the hardest to diagnose. Imagine a very intelligent person, who is aware of the truth (and if he does not share the whole truth, at least he is aware of this), who speaks the truth and whose feelings and actions are in alignment. Such a person might have a very nice house, a beautiful family, a great job, a healthy body, and good standing in the community, yet remain very unhappy. Why?

When a person seems to have everything a person could want but still is unhappy, the break in integrity is at the level of the seventh chakra, which is the divine connection. The mind is very clever. It is very good at solving puzzles and obtaining what it thinks it wants. The problem with the mind, however, is that it really does a lousy job of deciding what it should want. It really has no frame of reference. Imagine a super intelligent robot shopping in a Target store. It can weigh the pros and cons of many different items. Such a device can compare different items and make calculations about them, but it cannot want a red sweater more than a blue sweater.

The robot needs some input. A program. You might assign points to different items. Items that are blue may receive more points than items that are red. Maybe you could tell the robot to get the most weight per dollar, and perhaps you could end up with a car load of canned tomatoes on sale. The intelligent robot is very good at figuring out how to get what it wants. It just lacks ability to know what it should want.

As humans, we are very very complex. We receive programming about what we should want from a very young age. The mind is filled with ideas from teachers, parents, peers, advertising, and now social media. We are repeatedly told that if we have a nice car, a thin body, a prestigious job, and a physically attractive spouse, that we will be happy as a result, and so we set off in our lives to acquire these things.

And to be most effective in the long run, we have to act with material integrity to get the most of what we think we want. But still we end up unhappy. Because the things we have been taught to want serve a purpose other than to make us happy. They make us good little economic engines–the producitive consumers that we are. We are sucked into a system to produce as much as we can so that we can consume as much as we can, and with the highest levels of success, we have zillions of followers who admire us and like everything we say, and long to be just a little more like us. More like Kim Kardashian. Please. More.

But if we have prayer, and meditation, and spirituality, then we can attain true happiness. The first step is to truly realize that YOU, the I AM force that lives deep inside you, is a spirit, and that spirit is having a temporary material experience. That spirit knows at a very deep level that it will ultimately leave behind everything that it accumulates in the material world. The only thing it takes with it is it’s KARMA, which is the sum total of all the goods and bads done over the course of the lifetime here. You might have great success in the material world, but for what purpose?

So what does the spirit inside really want? Well that gets to the question of why you came here in the first place. This is a very good question to ask yourself. Why did you come into this life? What are you here to accomplish, to learn? Who are you here to help? What is your mission? What is your purpose?

None of these questions can be answered outside yourself. None of these answers exist in the material. They exist in the spirt. And therefore, to have true integrity, you must connect the material chakras to your higher self through the 7th chakra. You must tune into the divine within yourself.

Once you connect to the divine within you, this channel will inform you about what you should want. Instead of a car, you may want peace of spirit so you can concentrate. Instead of a body that looks like a magazine cover model, you might want a body that actually feels good to inhabit. Instead of a trophy relationship, you might want someone who helps you stay on the straight path and who supports you in fulfilling your highest and best purpose.

A break in integrity at this level is the hardest to diagnose, because such a person can seem to be very perfect in the material world. Yet if someone is perfect in the material and still deeply unhappy, it is a lack of integrity that causes their suffering, and the break is at the divine connection.

Do you know people or have stories that illustrate this? Have you yourself started on a spiritual path to remedy a hollow empty pointless feeling in your life? If so, please share your experience.

A spiritual practice is very helpful to develop this facility. Meditation and self examination can illuminate within us when we are acting out of alignment with our highest purpose. Plant medicines, like cannabis, ayahuasca, and psilocybin mushrooms can definitely help us to engage in the sort of self examination that will set us free from a life of pursuing objectives that do not make us happy. All of these things awaken the divine within us. They are therefore entheogenic medicines and entheogenic practices.

Pick whatever works for you. The key is to open the conscious connection with your higher self, so that you can receive and act on guidance that you receive. And then all of your material chakras can align behind the task of creating the life that your really want.

The Manuka Minute – a one minute pure bliss experience for beginners

I made a commitment to be sweet to myself in the new year. I’ve done this in the past for the benefit of others…try to be nicer, try to be kinder, try to be more patient. And I chastised myself each time I failed. Do better! I’ve been sitting with this idea of self kindness for several weeks now. I’ve been a fan of ascetic practices for a few years that comes from my spiritual traditions, and so it’s easy to be strict with oneself when following a “dieta” or ascetic practice. Most people reading this I’m sure are familiar with what it is to be strict with oneself.

And so a few weeks ago, I was buying honey for Stephanie which she uses to sweeten her cocoa that she makes from scratch every night. She just dumps the honey right in there and it’s super delicious (milk of choice, three tablespoons organic cocoa powder, honey and cinnamon and I like cayenne pepper. simmer all together until just before boil stirring constantly). And, up until recently, I had been avoiding sugar (and all sweeteners) and wheat, but I really like honey. So I was at the store buying honey and right underneath was Manuka Honey, which looked expensive but maybe even all the more attractive. So I bought a little tub of this butter thick sticky brown Manuka Honey. I swear, it buzzes in my mouth and throat when I eat it. I could feel something happening, and so I did a little research, and low and behold, it turns out that there are a lot of really good health reasons to eat some Manuka Honey. (My favorite is Manukora Raw Manuka Honey)

And the best way to do that is from a spoon. And so a couple weeks ago, I started to have a spoon full of Manuka Honey every morning and every evening. At first I would justify this on account of a health benefit. I heard it myself. Standing in the kitchen with a spoon full of honey talking about how it kills bacteria that feeds on sugar and that’s why I’m eating the honey. The same with a massage. I don’t get a massage just because it feels good. I do it for the therapeutic benefit and I have to have a lot of pain to really deserve it!

As I continued my practice, I came across an article about self compassion, and how difficult it is for us to practice kindness to ourselves. I resonated with the concept that we can be to strict with ourselves. And so my relationship with the Manuka Honey started to shift, or maybe to become more honest. Another friend had suggested that maybe I didn’t need to be that afraid of my shadow. Its ok for me to eat a spoon full of Manuka Honey just because it feels good.

Now my practice has developed into a fun ritual. It’s a three minute Manuka Honey meditation. To do it, take a generous teaspoon of Manuka Honey. The way I like to do it is to put the spoon in my mouth and pull off a thin layer as I draw the spoon out. But the key is to breath slowly and consciously as you enjoy the experience of having the honey in your mouth and swallowing it. I believe that it is good for the microbial community in my mouth, so I try to spread it about in my mouth. However you like, make the experience last for three minutes, and enjoy slow relaxed breathing.

As you do this, “unmoor your consciousness” which is to just let go of your mind. Keep your attention on the experience of the honey in your mouth and let the warmth and energy of it radiate out through your head and down your spine and through your body. Imagine the warm energy of the sun on the millions of flowers, and the energy of the bees that made the honey, concentrated energy…bee food from magic flowers… feel that energy radiate throughout your body, and feel the sun in your heart. Now in this moment there is nothing but eating the honey, and for that moment, everything else is ok.

I do this now every morning and every evening. It’s my Manuka Minute (or three) and it’s the best New Years resolution I’ve ever had!

Financial Coaching and Financial Advice… what to watch out for

I was pleased to see that the post I wrote about finances for the new year received a positive response, and a friend of my wife’s actually reached out to see if I could help her set up her stock portfolio. As a licensed attorney and a formerly licensed Investment Advisor Representative, a little alarm bell went off in my head. Of course, as I have done in the past, we are always free to give free advice, but a lot of laws are out there to regulate people who are paid to give investment advice. Since this is a person I have never met, I wondered if I would be able to charge her a fee to help her set up her portfolio. And when I started looking into that, I really went down a rabbit hole.

The basic bottom line I found is that pretty much any advice about the stock market or investments constitutes investment advice. Any form of trade or compensation (ie trading a annual horoscope reading for some stock picks) could trigger laws and regulations that apply to people who are in the business of providing financial advice.

Which means the industry has a lock on the information that is given to clients. It’s the same situation we see in the health industry. Monied interests like big pharma and the medical lobby don’t want to compete with all of the amazingly effective and beneficial herbal remedies, and so you are not allowed to say anything about a natural plants ability to help cure disease. You can only give health advice that channels the profit to the industry.

Same with financial advice. Unless you are associated with a big firm with a huge compliance department, you are locked out of the game. This is always something that irked me when I was in the Industry. We would generate literally hundreds of pages of disclosures which made it clear that the firm was not liable for anything no matter what. Each account document had, I’m not exaggerating, up to twenty or so pages of disclosures in fine print. These disclosures were absolutely incomprehensible to any normal human being. Seriously. I am a trained attorney and I had my series 7 and my series 66 licenses, and I could not understand the disclosures.

Moreover, the disclosures just opened the door for giving bad advice without facing any liability. So what’s the difference between the safety of an illegal coach and a legal financial advisor? Nothing at all. Basically a legal financial advisor is paid by a big firm that papers everything with tons of CYA disclosures so that you can never hold them responsible for their bad advice, while an illegal financial coach giving investment advice for compensation can give the same advice and face huge civil and criminal penalties. What a racket!

But in my research I have learned that giving away advice in a generally available publication, like this one, is protected by the first amendment. So here, I can offer my opinions just like all the pundits, and since I have only readers (even if very few of them) and since I do not charge anyone fees for my advice, I’m free to publish my opinions, and hopefully help some people.

I can also give financial advice incidental to legal advice. So if a client asks me to set up a trust or look at an estate plan, I can advise them to put their assets into an index fund if that’s incidental to the legal advice. Lawyers always find a way to get the upper hand right?

So how does one make good financial decisions in this crazy environment? You either have to seek advice from someone who is working in the grey market, or you have to go to a financial advisor who is going to be selling you products marketed by the firm they work for.

They will simply never tell you to buy a few stocks and hold them for a long time in an account that does not charge fees. And that’s basically it!

Open an inexpensive account, use their self guided research tools, buy some stocks that you like in good companies, and hold them for a long time. That’s it in a nutshell. This is the advice that they are working so hard not to let people give!

No wonder Warren Buffett is the Oracle of Omaha. He has been giving this advice for years.

By the way, BRK-B, Berkshire Hathaway B class shares that Mr. Buffett made available so that regular investors could invest with him, meet that requirement beautifully. Or if you have about $450,000 you can buy a single share of BRK-A, the A class shares which also carry voting rights, then you will get to cast a vote if you go to the shareholders meeting.

So there. In my freely given, publicly available, first amendment protected speech, I can suggest that BRK-B is a great investment for people starting out an investment portfolio. It is itself highly diversified, so you could have up to 20% of your portfolio invested there.

Of course, the stock market goes up and down, and world events shake things up. But I think in this “free” country, you can still tell the truth as you see it without getting sued.

12-03-21 Neural Diversity

My wife Stephanie recently introduced me to the concept of Neural Diversity. For a long time I have not liked the way we constantly refer to people as having defects or disorders. People are “diagnosed” with ADHD, for example, which is Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity DISORDER. Which basically means there is a problem with the person who suffers from this unwanted condition.

But what makes this a disorder? It seems to me that this is a disorder because we take interested curious young people and stick them in class rooms and bore torture them with mind numbing boredom all day long, and those kids that don’t fit into that system have a disorder. But I think if we were to take those kids outside and encourage them to be themselves, most of them would be just fine.

Another example is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We throw the term OCD around as if half of the world were excessively focused on small details and unable to lead normal productive lives. But what if we were to phrase this as an ability. Hyperfocused attention to detail ability. This is something that I certainly lack! It requires an extreme effort for me to summon the patience to deal with every last small detail, but someone with this ability, can stay with a task until every part of it is perfect.

People often tell me that I have some attention deficit. What really does that mean? That I don’t like to sit and listen to long explanations of things that I get already? My weakness might be attention to detail, but my strength is speed. I typically make decisions very quickly, when I have a clear preference to what I want. So in buying a new car for instance, I can make all the decisions about exactly what I want in a few quick minutes. I don’t have to test drive every model.

To some people this seems rash. I bought a used Toyota Tacoma from a dealer I trust in Palm Beach not long ago. I told them the specifics, they showed me the pictures, I sent the wire, they delivered the truck. It took fifteen minutes. To some this seems irresponsible and rash. To me it’s just not necessary to deliberate longer than that.

Won’t I regret it? Maybe there was a better truck for a little better price somewhere else, maybe I might have actually liked a little different color. Maybe I really don’t care at all about these details, and I am happy getting it 80% right and moving on with my life.

That’s a good rule of thumb for me. The 80% rule. It basically means I can get 80% of what I want with 20% of the effort. To get the remaining 20% of benefit, I will have to put in four times the effort. For me, I’d rather get 80% of the benefit with 20% of the effort, and repeat this a few times. For someone with an obsessive compulsive ability, they can take joy and pleasure our of spending five times as much time on something as me, and getting 100% of the benefit. They can take pleasure from their careful process and attention to detail.

So this is neural diversity and it makes great teams. I can bring in Christmas trees and stand them up and hang some lights on them and get it done fast. Then those with the OCA can finish the trimming to perfection and make them beautiful. I can quickly do the 80% part, and they can slowly do the finish, and together we can get five times as much done.

So often we hear teachers or schools quote Einstein about teaching fish to climb a tree, as if that would be an obvious waste of time. And then they go on to put everyone in the same box. We all have such different ways of looking at things and accomplishing things. But we are taught that if you are not suited to sitting in a cubicle listening all day long and following countless rules and orders, that you are defective.

The system is designed to get workers into cubicles who will toil all day long as they are instructed without rebellion. School is not designed to tease out our strengths, but to stifle them. Anybody who does not fit the mold is “diagnosed” with a disorder, medicated, and stuck back in the class room. All must learn to comply.

This is really not good for a lot of people, and you or your kids may be suffering this terrible abuse while being told it’s because of your disorder. But ask yourself, is there really anything wrong with a kid who does not want to sit in a classroom all day? I don’t think so. I think the problem is the classroom itself. It’s where they teach fish to climb trees.


Hello dear reader, thanks for being here with me. I would like to share with you an experience I just had with the concept of Human Design, which tells me that Intuition, or how I make best make decisions, is “Sounding Board Intuition,” which basically means that I process my thoughts by speaking them. It is necessary for me to put my thoughts into words to make them linear so that I can make sense of disorganized jumbles of related ideas.

In my personal life, I have seen this manifested. I often find myself talking about something that is on my mind and find that my companion has not wanted to stay on that train for quite so many stops. When this happens, I now have learned, I am really organizing my own thoughts by speaking them, and in so doing, I hear them so expressed.

One of the tips in this brilliant little application called myHD ( is that I can journal about what it is that I am receiving.

The other day I was playing guitar in our living room, and I had a sudden urge to write a five paragraph essay about a reason that I might expect someone to read what I have written. The only reason is that I am a student and I am writing an essay to explain something that I am supposed to learn, and I am seeking to share these thoughts with other students who share the same interest so that we might learn from each other.

I have faith in the world that there are good people who will find this, and I have faith that some may benefit in their own exploration of ideas expressed here. The divine lives within each of us, and it is from this point of divinity that we all must learn to speak. In Harmony with Love Truth and Justice.

And so it is in this spirit that I am writing this open journal. This is a space where I can express the jumbled thoughts that are in my head. I don’t want to edit very much of what I am writing, because that whole process is a block to the flow of truth. If I have to stop my writing to quibble over grammar or word choices, or whatever, then I am blocking the flow of consciosness right?

And that is the ultimate point of writing in the first place. It’s to share my consciousness with yours. It’s for you to create the same vibration in your chakras as I have in my chakras. It’s not only the mental and the literal. It’s the flow of the words. It’s the heart that is behind the little nuances. Is the pace at which a train of thought might change course. It is these little signs and nuances that persist in unedited writing, and these nuances are important to me for my own learning.

So dear reader, and Sp3ncer, you are the reader who is writing this, please bear with me because it is for my own benefit that I must let the words flow as they might.

That kind of feels like the end of a topic.